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Things of my Soul

2 Nephi 4:15

The Science of Dating

Bryce Dunford



Part One: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid



Pitfall #1: Not Friendship Dating First


The Dating Pyramid

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If you'd like to know more about Dr. Gottman's research
here is his web site.

Thought Question: Have you seen Friendship Dating? What does it look like to you? What difference do now think Friendship Dating would make in your life?




Pitfall #2: Avoiding 4


Thought Question: In your own words, descirbe to someone else, why Relationship Dating (4) is vital and what might happen if you avoid it due to the pressure?




Pitfall #3: Letting Your Heart Jump to 6


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Thought Question: How do you now plan to prevent your heart from jumping to 6?




Pitfall #4: Inappropriate Dating


Thought Question: Do you now see a past date as being inappropriate? What would you do differently now to make it more appropriate?




Pitfall #5: Mistaking Being in Love for Love


C.S. Lewis, from Mere Christianity

Thought Question: In your own words and with your own experiences, describe the difference between love and being in love.




Pitfall #6: Not Considering Your Needs


Thought Question: What do you now realize might be one of your biggests needs in a spouse?




Pitfall #7: Not Jumping In When You Should
Pitfall #8: Not Jumping Out When You Should


Thought Question: Share an example of not jumping in when you should or not jumping out when you should.




Pitfall #9: Not Granting a Probationary State or
Not Recognizing When Change is Not Going to Occur


Thought Question: What is the greatest evidence that YOU have grown grace for grace? How have you recognized that someone else has grown grace for grace?




Pitfall #10 - Don't Be Afraid to Try


Thought Question: Share something brave that you have done and what insights have you gained in doing so.



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